seit 1991
Hans-Peter Gottfried starts occupying himself with energy from biomass and biogas
Thomas Warecka becomes a co-founder and associate of an engineering firm for technical building services
Hans-Peter Gottfried founds an engineering firm for biogas technology in Dresden and joins the German Biogas Association
Ronny Rother founds a consultancy firm in the fields of technical building services and energy and environmental technology
Ronny Rother and Thomas Warecka start cooperating in the field of biogas technology, Hans-Peter Gottfried starts opening up biogas technology markets abroad
First cooperation of the eutec ingenieure GbR associates to be; development of the German Biogas Association's Saxony/Thuringia branch under leadership of Hans-Peter Gottfried
Hans-Peter Gottfried, Ronny Rother and Thomas Warecka found eutec ingenieure GbR and from now on carry out their projects in the fields of energy, environmental and chemical technology together. The firm's focus is on biogas technology
Intensified contacts with various parts of the world, always with biogas as a focus
Enhanced cooperation with companies in Saxony and Germany
Bio ethanol technology is integrated into the firm as another specialist field. At this point the firm has, including the three associates, a staff of 12 engineers, architects and technicians. Beyond that there are close ties with specialist firms for structural engineering, geotechnics and expert reports
The three associates found SINOBIOS GmbH. SINOBIOS GmbH will be offering services for operating and optimising biogas plants focussing especially on process biology support.
The eutec ingenieure GbR and the SINOBIOS GmbH merge to the eutec ingenieure GmbH. By this step, all ingeneering services around the biogas plant can be offered out of one hand. The team including the three partners consist of 16 engineers, technicians and staff.